Look Deeper, and you just might see yourself here.

Look Deeper, and you just might see yourself here.

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U.S. Public University "US News & World Report," 2020


Public University for Value "Money Magazine," 2020


Public Research Institution in the Nation for High-Quality Science "Nature Index," 2020


of Universities for Social Mobility, "CollegeNET, Inc.," 2020

On the Edge of
a Continent.
And Pure

Take a look at a typical day on our nontypical campus.

The World
With Us.

How a Tony Award-winning alum went from the beach to Broadway.

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The surfer-scientist who hit the waves to unlock the surfer biome.

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Diving into DNA to stop malaria once and for all.

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How one student fused art, science, and citrus to tackle pollution.

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Our students don’t come here for our perfect weather.
They come to change the world.

Emily Hazelwood and
Amber Jackson, MAS ‘14
Turning abandoned oil rigs
into artificial reefs.

Jessica Meir, Ph.D. ‘09 Advancing science from the
deep sea to deep space.

Nathan East ‘79 Blowing the doors off musical
convention one bass line at a time.

Mike Judge, ‘85 Turning middle-class struggles
into comedy TV gold.

DJ Patil, ‘96 Unleashing data to transform how we
solve the world’s biggest problems.

Taner Halicioglu, ‘96 Building the future of data science.

Sarah Guthals, BS ’10,
MS ’13, Ph.D. ‘14
Teaching kids to code their own future.

Rachel Axler, ‘09 Flipping the script on gender roles
in late-night TV writing rooms.

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